A Progress of Sorts EP

by FirstForgiveness

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FirstForgiveness is a break from the more personal songs under the Necrolytic Goat Converter name. A little more catchy, a little less dour, still very much DIY and lo-fi, as the setup and equipment used to record are exactly the same. The title "A Progress of Sorts" comes from me trying to progress as a songwriter. The EP part should be self explanatory.

Over the next month there will be 2 more songs added - one full-fledged, and one short segue. And I'll probably re-do the chorus to "Apathy of the Downtrodden" about another dozen times until I'm satisfied (they're terrible - fair warning). Then it's back to NGC.


released April 23, 2016

Chris Voss - all guitars, bass, vocals, putting drums in order
Beta Monkey Drum Loops - All drum loops

Mastered (kind of) using LANDR.com



all rights reserved


FirstForgiveness New York, New York

Started as Necrolytic Goat Converter, only to realize when you're one guy you can pretty much have as many bands as you want.

Still one guitar (Yamaha PAC611) plugged into one amp (Line6 Spider III) plugged into GarageBand via a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 bought used from a friend.

Thanks for checking out one man working through his demons, badly, through the music that he loves.
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Track Name: Below the Waterline
We reach
Out for
Hands that push back
Part of
The mob
Rules for attack

What do
I see
Out from your eyes?
Just a
Good man
Dead from your lies

Just smile and pretend that everything’s fine
As we sink below the waterline

Sit down
Keep still
Do as we say
Don’t speak
Dumb sheep
Just walk away

Stand up
Fight back
Blood can be lost
As long
As we
Acknowledge the cost

Just smile and pretend that everything’s fine
There is no use in simply holding a sign
As we sink below the waterline
Track Name: Apathy of the Downtrodden
Deep breath, start again
There is nothing to lose
The cost of your complacency
Will leave a silent bruise

Footprints upon the backs
Of the ones that they oppress
Do you think that you’ll be missed
When they come for your last breath?

I don’t care
Doesn’t matter if I look away

Tune out, fall in place
Tow the company line
The cost of their security
Is the loss of yours and mine

Cry out, demand a change
Imagine what we could do
One voice, a massive fist
That would punctuate our view

I don’t care
Doesn’t matter if I have my say

Sit back, just relax
There’s nothing left to fight
The cost of our passivity
Was the voice that was our right

Are you happy on your couch
In front of an enormous screen?
If not just flip the switch
And enjoy a different scene…